It is important to have regular fire safety checks to make sure you place of occupation is sufficiently protected and conforms to the latest legal requirements.  Often these requirements will be subtle changes made to existing fire precautions sometimes they can be dramatic and far reaching. One recent example of a profound change in the law concerned the use of halogen fire extinguishers.


Back In 1987, 150 countries signed the Montreal Protocol, which restricted the use of ozone-depleting chemicals. Halon 1211 that was used in fixed fire extinguishers, and Halon 1301, which was used in portable extinguishers, were found to be the largest depleters of the ozone layer. Consequently, Halon 1211 was banned in UK in 1993 and in 1999 Halon 1301 was made illegal.

In the U.K., carbon dioxide and clean-agent extinguishers have now replace halogen extinguishers. These are not as effective but are more environmentally friendly. If you still have halogen fire extinguishers on your promises you desperately need a fire safety check!

Fire Extinguisher Services

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